Location Sound

The gear I use for location sound features professional-grade and budget friendly equipment from respected manufacturers, such as Tascam recorders, Rode shotgun microphones, Oktava microphones, Tram and Sennheiser lavaliers, and Lectrosonics and Sennheiser wireless systems. I'm always looking for great films and videos to be a part of, big or small, so please contact me if you are interested in working together. Below is a small sampling of projects I have recorded sound for.

Location Sound


Tri thumbnail

Role: Boom Operator

Tri is the largest budget film I have worked on and is currently screening in festivals across the country to positive reviews.

Crossing Streets

Crossing Streets thumbnail

Role: Boom Operator

This family-friendly feature-length film has already played in festivals across the country and should be available through distribution soon.

Finding Faith

Finding Faith thumbnail

Role: Boom Operator

This was an independent feature film I worked on as boom operator. It is now available through Walmart, Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes.

Harbor View

Harbor View thumbnail

Role: Production Sound Mixer

The Ride

The Ride thumbnail

Role: Production Sound Mixer

This short film was a part of the 2015 Lynchburg, VA 48HR Film Festival.

Lawrence Companies

Lawrence Companies thumbnail

Role: Sound Mixer, Assistant Camera

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services thumbnail

Role: Sound Mixer

You can see me in action at the beginning of this clip! Ignore that darn air conditioner tone. Some things you can't control.